5 Layers Of Security

By Jared Smith

Does your security actually work?
So you have spent tons of your hard-earned money, but is it effective?
Most people get a referral to a security firm who almost always are focused on one single thing – PROFIT!!! Many don’t even understand security principles!
When you next get a quote or assessment, make sure it includes our 5 LAYERS OF SECURITY:
Layer 1 – This is the innermost protection area. It is inside your home and includes things like: Safes, panic rooms, alarm, CCTV, fire detection, hydrants, etc.
Layer 2 – This is the physical security of your home. It covers the actual physical building. Examples: Windows and doors, locks, CCTV, alarm, building maintenance, etc.
Layer 3 – The “buffer zone”. This is the space between your building and the property perimeter (Garden). Here we use beams, CCTV, alarm, maintenance and housekeeping, DOGS, etc.
Layer 4 – The perimeter. This is the physical security of your properties perimeter. Includes: Walls/fences, gates, automation, Intercoms, CCTV, maintenance, Etc.
Layer 5 – Macro security. This is having an understanding of the environment in which you live. Its situational awareness. Knowing what happens in your streets day and night. Community groups are good for this.
This is a basic overview of the detail we go into to make sure all security is considered no matter what your budget is.
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